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Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Dec 15 07:18:02 EST 2005

Recently, Roger Guay wrote:

> Can you suggest a way to do the final scene with the snow falling?

Here's one way.  Execute the following in your message box (not a Web

  go url ""

This stack named "flurry" is based on the "blank line in a point list"
technique originally brought to light by Geoff Canyon.  The effect is
achieved using a single graphic object, whose points are set by script to
groups of points that represent each flake (with a space between each group
of points).  By varying the amount of vertical rate for each "flake", the
result is (on my end at least) a fairly realistic snowfall effect, all
created using a single polygon graphic.

One could also add a horizontal offset offset to the code to make the flakes
flutter randomly left and right.

The "snow" button will reset the snowfall randomly each time it is started.
By commenting out the buildSnow call in the mouseUp handler, you can pause &
resume the same snowfall.  Sliders are provided to achieve the effect you
want: gentle snowfall or heavy flurry.

There is some kind of intermittent bug that causes a random triangle to
appear every once in a while -- not sure where this comes from.  At first it
was annoying but it has now started to resemble lightning for me. :-)

Happy Holidays.

Scott Rossi
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