How About a Forum, I'll Supply the Space?

Rishi Viner rishi at
Wed Dec 14 22:28:40 CST 2005

I agree wtih Dan and Greg,

A forum is a much better vehicle for building a community. I've participated on
a number of things, forum based and mailing list based, and the forum experience
wins hands down. These communities are so big they could not operate on a
mailing list format: 

Mailing lists are OK when you are passing through 10 messages a day, but this
thing is just not practical. Come on rev, let Dan mirror your list and make you
the moderators of the new forum. You could even brand it. 

The forum is a much better way to search for the support you need.

Quoting Dan Shafer <revolutionary.dan at>:
> I have free access to some of the best forum software around and it enables
> mail-list mirroring and participation in the forum via email in both
> directions. I've offered several times to mirror this list there but the
> response has been non-existent. I've hesitated to set this uip even though I
> have the software, the bandwidth, the disk capacity and the desire because:
> (a) RunRev seems to take the position that they own this list; and (b)
> without their permission, therefore, it seems ill-advised to mirror it
> elsewhere.
> On 12/14/05, Greg Smith <brucegregory at> wrote:
> >
> > I agree with Dan Shafer in both of his opinions - the community is too
> > small already and that a mailing list is the worst possible vehicle for
> > facilitating the Revolution Community at large.  A forum would provide
> > for all of the possible areas of discussion by segregating the general
> > topic categories, accordingly.  The mailing list requires reading

Rishi Viner

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