How About a Forum, I'll Supply the Space?

Dan Shafer revolutionary.dan at
Wed Dec 14 22:26:01 EST 2005

I have free access to some of the best forum software around and it enables
mail-list mirroring and participation in the forum via email in both
directions. I've offered several times to mirror this list there but the
response has been non-existent. I've hesitated to set this uip even though I
have the software, the bandwidth, the disk capacity and the desire because:
(a) RunRev seems to take the position that they own this list; and (b)
without their permission, therefore, it seems ill-advised to mirror it

On 12/14/05, Greg Smith <brucegregory at> wrote:
> I agree with Dan Shafer in both of his opinions - the community is too
> small already and that a mailing list is the worst possible vehicle for
> facilitating the Revolution Community at large.  A forum would provide
> for all of the possible areas of discussion by segregating the general
> topic categories, accordingly.  The mailing list requires reading
> through too much "quoted" material and too many "re: . . . ." topic
> headings.  It is a snap to find those topics you are particularly
> interested in reading about and responding to, using the forum format.
> I've got quite a bit of room on my service, and wouldn't mind supplying
> the forum basics, since the "raw" forum format is provided by my web
> hosting service.  I'm not using it, so maybe the Revolution Community
> could benefit from this, instead.  The "moderators" could remain the
> moderators.  It would be an enormous convenience to me, a new Revolution
> learner.
> I also strongly suggest refraining from using the "Yahoo Groups" format,
> it is nowhere near as friendly as the "standard" kind.
> Let me know if I can help,
> Sincerely,
> Greg Smith
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