sheet stack (to card x)

Scott Morrow scott at
Wed Dec 14 20:47:21 CST 2005

    A sheet is just a fancy modal dialog box that is peculiar to  
OSX.  The main difference between a sheet and a regular dialog is  
that a sheet appears to be attached to (part of) a specific window  
rather than appearing as a unique window.  It allows the parent  
window to be moved about and only blocks interaction with the parent  
window so that, if the user wants, they can move the sheeted (parent)  
window to the side and look at or interact with other windows. It has  
a nice look and in some circumstances is probably the best way to  
show a dialog in OSX.  Rev makes using sheets easy by allowing the  
built in ASK and ANSWER dialogs to be shown as sheets  simply by  
adding the phrase "as sheet" .  Rev also allows most any stack to be  
easily shown as a sheet of another stack.

On Dec 14, 2005, at 2:43 AM, Jerry Muelver wrote:

> From: "Scott Morrow"
>>     I'm looking to open a stack as a sheet but I need to make  
>> sure  it opens to a specific card.  Because it needs to stop  
>> script  execution I'm doing the following:
> Scott, what's a "sheet"? (Win and Linux guy here, only recently  
> exposed to Mac by gift of an ancient G3)
> ---- Jerry Muelver
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