Com Port Data Errors

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Wed Dec 14 15:23:19 EST 2005

It works better , but many times missing the write ,

The modem issues ">" when ready to receive

So the reply for "AT00" is


I need to strip of the cr & lf and only write again when ">" is received as
fast as possible.


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> Baud 9600 , 8 Bits , 1 Stop
> Trying to send command and retrieve data at < 1 second intervals via Com
> Something like ,
> repeat xx
> write "AT00" & numToChar(13) to driver COM1:
> wait ----- sometime
> read from driver COM1:
> put it into received
> end repeat
> This works great with wait time >= 1 second but errors if any faster.

Try using my Serial test stack
It uses a different method with no waiting. It writes to the com port
but has a read handler that it loops through every 5 ticks to pick up
any incoming data that might be queued.

Testing by sending "AT00" to my modem, it returns "ERROR", but it
comes back instantly.

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