debugger problem

Cal Horner Horner at IHUG.Co.NZ
Sun Dec 11 14:41:39 EST 2005

I have many different assumptions about what is causing the problem, but
rather than to keep grasping at straws I have been looking at the Embassy
and i saw your reply to a debugger question. So here I am
I'm running Rev 2.6.1 in a windows XP Pro environment.
I've used Rev since version 2.2.1 and this is the first time this problem
has come up.
When I open debugger, or the app I'm testing hits a breakpoint and opens up,
the debugger has lost the Step In, Step Over, etc buttons at the bottom of
the window and all of the menu items that are the same (step in, step over,
etc.) are "grayed out".
I have deleted and installed different versions of Rev. and it still happens

So I am stumped. And of course the debugger is too good a tool for me to
have to go back to the old way of testing and fixing.

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