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Mark Smith masmit at
Wed Dec 14 09:19:43 EST 2005

Dan, I had in mind the discussion about how people other than RunRev  
would run RunRev, which it seems to me is pretty far removed from  
using Rev.

OTOH, perhaps I should have said that this is not the place for  
<lengthy>  discussions of that sort - the recent thread seemed to  
have pretty much taken over the list, and I've seen other good and  
useful lists and forums become really useless as a result of such  

Or perhaps Mr. Sapersteins' recent aggressive trolling has just made  
me (and maybe others) temporarily over-concerned about the way the  
list might be going.

In general, I'm all for discussions going in whatever direction they  
will, and there are many intelligent and interesting people here.  
It's just that this list has been so effective in it's stated  
purpose, that it would be a great shame if it became overloaded with  
discussions of things that we, as Rev users, cannot have much  
knowledge of or influence over.

There's a balance, I guess, and clearly some of us feel it's been a  
little wonky, just lately.

I'd not be in favour of splitting the list, myself, and I like your  
(and others) suggestion of simply using clear subject labels.

As to where the discussion in question should be, I have no idea.  
Perhaps wherever people have long discussions about how Microsoft and  
Apple should be run.


On 14 Dec 2005, at 02:18, Dan Shafer wrote:

> Fair enough, Mark. Where should they be, then?
> On 12/11/05, Mark Smith <mark at> wrote:
>> These discussions are quite interesting, but IMHO this is not the
>> place for them, since they do interfere with the actual utility of
>> the list.
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