how do I print cards of a stack without showing the print dialog? Mac OS X

kee nethery kee at
Tue Dec 13 19:06:24 EST 2005

On Dec 13, 2005, at 11:30 AM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> kee nethery wrote:
>> I have a stack that contains many cards. I print a section of  
>> each  card onto a single page of paper. My script goes to each  
>> card, issues  a print command, rinse and repeat.
>> I'd like to not have the print dialog appear once for each card   
>> getting printed. When there are a couple hundred cards, it gets   
>> tedious hitting the OK button a couple hundred times.
>> How do I tell runrev to just print one copy and to not have the  
>> OS  ask me for quantity etc?
>> Do I have to open printing, issue all the print cards, and then  
>> close  printing? By printing each card separately I can name them  
>> so that in  the job queue I can see where the printing is (which  
>> card is printing  next, how many are left to print).
> Yes, that's it. To avoid multiple dialogs, don't close printing  
> until you are done with the whole job. You could put up some kind  
> of progress dialog in Rev while you are spooling the print job if  
> you want to see the progress. Or just don't lock the screen, so you  
> see all the cards flash by.
> Since you want to print each card on a separate piece of paper,  
> you'll want to insert a page break in your print loop ("print  
> break") after you print each card.

Thanks Jacque!

When I did :

set the printmargins to 18,18,18,18
print card from 10,10 to 413,287
print break

That caused it to print a blank page after every printed page. Also,  
the first page printed within the defined margins. All subsequent  
pages printed shifted to the right within the same margins. So the  
first card was centered correctly, the second and subsequent cards  
had extra margin on the left and part of the image was not printed on  
the right.

Next I tried to specify the pagerect to be the size of the page of paper

set the printmargins to 18,18,18,18
print card from 10,10 to 413,287 into 0,0,432,306
print break

That caused the part of the image that would go in the margins to not  
be printed. So I had to subtract the margins from the pagerect to get  
it to work.

What finally worked was to specify the pagerect as being inside the  
margins (I suppose printRect would have been a better description for  
that parameter instead of pageRect) and to also use the print break.

set the printmargins to 18,18,18,18
print card from 10,10 to 413,287 into 18,18,414,288
print break

That still shows a difference in the left margin for the first card  
compared to subsequent cards, but at least it is now useable. I can  
live with that.

Thanks, kee

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