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Tue Dec 13 12:50:43 EST 2005

Yes I am on a mac.
thanks for that.
On Dec 13, 2005, at 7:44 AM, liamlambert wrote:

 > sorry I forgot subject in pre message.
 > Is there any way to control  video out from rev i.e. write to a
 > projector.

Not sure what platform but on a Mac, this has nothing to do with
Runrev. But if you had a Mac with a "monitor" attached that was a
video projector, AND you had that "monitor" not mirroring the main
screen, but rather as an additional screen, then the question would be:

How do I locate the rectangle of the second monitor and then move my
runrev stack into that rectangle to have it display the entire stack?
Or, How do I locate the second monitor and then how do I cause the
Mac OS to change the monitor size to match the runrev stack size so
that my stack gets displayed as large as possible?

I don't know the answer to either of those questions but for sure on
a Mac, it knows nothing about a projector, all it has are multiple
monitors (if your machine supports multiple monitors, high end macs
do and low end macs do not).


Liam Lambert
liamlambert at

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