how do I print cards of a stack without showing the print dialog? Mac OS X

kee nethery kee at
Tue Dec 13 12:50:15 EST 2005

I have a stack that contains many cards. I print a section of each  
card onto a single page of paper. My script goes to each card, issues  
a print command, rinse and repeat.

I'd like to not have the print dialog appear once for each card  
getting printed. When there are a couple hundred cards, it gets  
tedious hitting the OK button a couple hundred times.

How do I tell runrev to just print one copy and to not have the OS  
ask me for quantity etc?

Do I have to open printing, issue all the print cards, and then close  
printing? By printing each card separately I can name them so that in  
the job queue I can see where the printing is (which card is printing  
next, how many are left to print).

Kee Nethery

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