List Splitting - Idea

Bill Marriott wjm at
Tue Dec 13 11:00:13 CST 2005

Gordon Webster wrote,
"I for one would hate to see this list stripped of  its "Revolutionary" 
appeal by limiting it only to discussions of rev  users' technical problems. 
While such technical problems may be the  primary concern of this list, do 
they really have to be it's only concern?"

Excellent point, Gordon.

I really don't agree with "segmenting" the list, because now we're supposed 
to go to location A for "graphics," location B for "business," and pretty 
soon it will be location C for buttons, location D for this, location E for 

The problem is that each of these unofficial offshoots have a fraction of 
the participation that this official list does. Inevitably, we'll see useful 
discussions quashed with the line, "take this to such-and-such" a venue. To 
me it seems like "vigilante moderation."

As much as I really enjoy gmane as an NNTP interface to the list -- it's 
made things MUCH easier to follow -- these "problems" segmenting is supposed 
to solve would ALL be obviated if Rev put up a simple phpBB-based board with 
common-sense categories. It is not difficult or expensive to do this. [And 
yes, phpBB can be configured to send email to members, for those who prefer 
the "push" style.] Then we would all have one place to go and people could 
skip the categories they are not interested in.

[Sorry, I don't plan to join/participate in those offshoot forums.]


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