List Splitting - Idea

David Burgun dburgun at
Tue Dec 13 10:27:31 EST 2005

A very sensible approach!

I second the suggestion.


>We have seen a debate here about splitting the list various ways and 
>there are pros and cons for most everything.
>One many lists there are conventions that posters follow that 
>include placing small "category keywords" in brackets before the 
>subject line. This can get out of control if everyone makes up 
>keywords but what if we use a ready made set? How about the second 
>level menu keywords in the "Objects" section of the documentation?
>[Player]How do I ....   or   [Button]Border color isn't working right.  
>or a generic [How] as in [How]do I make sprites?
>If we just let people know where to look for their [Keyword] (ie; in 
>the documentation under the "Objects" button, then they might even 
>find the answer in the docs! In any case it could make it easier to 
>search in the archives, sort in our email clients, provide some 
>structure for post processing for a wiki and many other benefits.
>It's not hard to do and it may provide just enough structure to help us all.
>BTW; how many lists do we have now and where are they? <bg>
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