List Splitting - Idea

Dave LeYanna dleyanna at
Tue Dec 13 10:20:25 EST 2005

We have seen a debate here about splitting the list various ways and 
there are pros and cons for most everything.

One many lists there are conventions that posters follow that include 
placing small "category keywords" in brackets before the subject line. 
This can get out of control if everyone makes up keywords but what if we 
use a ready made set? How about the second level menu keywords in the 
"Objects" section of the documentation?

[Player]How do I ....   or   [Button]Border color isn't working right.   
or a generic [How] as in [How]do I make sprites?

If we just let people know where to look for their [Keyword] (ie; in the 
documentation under the "Objects" button, then they might even find the 
answer in the docs! In any case it could make it easier to search in the 
archives, sort in our email clients, provide some structure for post 
processing for a wiki and many other benefits.

It's not hard to do and it may provide just enough structure to help us all.

BTW; how many lists do we have now and where are they? <bg>


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