MVC (was Text database using custom properties)

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Monday, December 12, 2005, 12:00:26 PM, you wrote:

> Right now we have created a database in PostgreSQL that maps the dBase
> files as close as we can and have written a "conversion" program to 
> create an "import" file to update these PostgreSQL tables with. We also
> have a set of "normalized" tables in the same PostgreSQL database and we
> "massage" the data into them every night. We do the same thing the other
> way, back to some of the dBase tables. We are working with 2 systems at
> one time, chopping off some stuff from the old dBase system and writing
> models in the "new" PostgreSQL system. We want to use Rev for the 
> end-users and are creating little pieces at a time but we don't want to
> get to far if we can work the MVC in...

The hard part is getting from the old .prg files into a different

Dave Bovill and I have taken somewhat different approaches to a runrev
implementation of an MVC architecture. I'm not sure if Dave's made his
public yet, but you can see mine on revonline. You may not like it if
you're used to a traditional MVC construct, as I've turned it some 90
degrees and put the burden on the model rather than the controller,
but I think it fits with xtalk better that way. At any rate it may
give you some ideas of how you want to implement things.

-Mark Wieder
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