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Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Mon Dec 12 12:40:59 EST 2005

>> start using stack "X"   places stack "X" ahead of all other library
>> stacks in the message chain; but it will not place it ahead of the
>> topStack.  The images may need to be on card 1 if the stack is in
>> use but otherwise unopened.
Hi, Paul,

Don't confuse the "script of an object in the hierarchy" with the order of
stack windows you ³see².

Invoking 'start using' places the *stack script* of that stack in the
*message* hierarchy, not the stack itself.

Construct a reference to a stack by name and that will be the location
eg "image 1 of card id 1265 of stack "Image Lib People"

 if stored in a different folder use
³/Users/MyLogin/Documents/RevLibStacks/ImageLib.rev² for example.
In Rev, the filePath is the location and name of the file or folder whose
long equivalent you want.
put the longfilepath of the filename of this stack
If you specify a name but not a location, Revolution assumes the stack is in
the defaultFolder.

Getting a script in the message hierarchy could be
--start using stack "whatever"
 --insert the script of btn 3 of card 1 of stack "ImageLib" into back
 -- insert the script of card 1 of stack "ImageLib" into front
 -- insert the script of stack "ImageLib" into front
but regardless of the handler location, you must reference the correct
stack, card, object.

By the way, you can reference an object on card 22 of stack ³ImageLib²
without opening the stack.
Try it and see if it works.

Returns a list of the names of all stacks that are loaded into memory.
--try these in the msg box
put revLoadedStacks()
put revLoadedStacks(all)

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

On 12/12/05 7:47 AM, "Rob Cozens" <rcozens at> wrote:

> Hi Paul,

> I am referencing images in the library stack as button icon ids in
> the current stack.  This works fine here on Mac OS & Windows.
> One other possibility: to see the images change without opening a
> different card, one may need to script something like
>          start using stack "myImageLibrary"
>          repeat with x = 1 to the number of buttons
>                  set the icon of button x to (the icon of button x")
>          end repeat
> Rob Cozens, CCW
> Serendipity Software Company
> Vive R Revolution!
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