Christmas e-cards as learning tools

Mathewson richmond at
Sun Dec 11 14:46:12 EST 2005

That looks rather straightforward to me:

all the animations could consist of either animated GIFs,
or, preferably, embedded Quicktime Movies,

the movies could then be triggered by invisible buttons:

on mouseUp
  play videoClip "" at 200,260
end mouseUp

those 2 numbers separated by a comma let the program know
where to display the movie as it is played.

the only small problem is that QT movies vanish away after
they have played (correct me here, someone) so you would
want to make images of the last frame of each QT movie
become visible when that movie finished playing:

you can do this by having all your images of the end frames
"piled-up" on the card in your stack with their VISIBLE
qualities set to FALSE:


on openStack
  set the visible of image "WoofyThing" to false
end openStack

(by the way - especially for lazy chaps like me RR lets us
type "VIS" and "IMG" instead of "VISIBLE" and "IMAGE")

sincerely, Richmond
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