Christmas e-cards as learning tools

Marielle Lange mlange at
Sun Dec 11 12:58:06 CST 2005

I gave a go to a very simple christmas ecard. It shows the usage of  
the revspeak command (to speak out a text).

You can access it with any of these:
- go url " 
- right click at:
- RevOnline, users, Marielle, "Merry Christmas 1"
- RevOnline, categories, education, "Merry Christmas 1"

Conception time: 20 minutes (maximum). Degree of difficulty: quite  
easy. I only had time to check on my own machine. Let me know of any  

To learn how it was done, check out for script at card level, on the  
button with the voices, on the button play. I will add a tutorial  
page on the wiki, very soon.

The "Christmas father" picture comes from "",  
category "Fêtes Noël". Images there are 100% free to reuse. Other  
christmas graphics, free of use, are to be found at: <http://>

The "speech balloon" is now available in the "ecards" image gallery  
on the revolution-education wiki website: 
galleryId=3. I have added a few other pictures, produced by following  
photoshop tutorials (you will find a list of such tutorials at:  
page=ResourcesImagesTutorials>). If you would like to upload other  
pictures there, take contact, it only takes seconds to give you the  
permission to do so (but please, only upload pictures which are clear  
of any copyright restriction).

Looking forward to see your contributions :-D.


Marielle Lange (PhD),  Psycholinguist

Alternative emails: mlange at, M.Lange at
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