"use-rev" means "using Rev" (was 10,000 other threads)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sun Dec 11 13:12:52 EST 2005

Andre Garzia wrote:
> On Dec 11, 2005, at 3:13 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>>   I am so turned off by the mailing list for RunRev.
>>   Maybe it's just me, maybe I'm just getting too old,
>>   but that list just seems so full of posturing,
>>   politics and some serious personal podiums!
>>   Damn! If I weren't a poet!
> Richard,
> if you're old, then I am old too... :-)

That wasn't me. That was a newcomer who found this list frustrating, 
posting into another forum.

I look forward to continuing that discussion on the rev-biz list:

> and to celebrate using Rev, I'll try to push some talks on Sockets  and 
> a little tutorial I am making...

Now there's some use-rev talk we could all use.  Looking forward to it.

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