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Sun Dec 11 10:49:42 CST 2005

On Dec 11 2005, at 17:32, Jim Hurley wrote:

> ...
> Searched the dictionary for "socket" and came up with the single 
> "Using URLs, uploading, and downloading", 18 pages (copied to Word) 
> which don't  appear to contain the word "socket."
> Is there a secret RR society which is privy to this sort of thing? Can 
> I join? Sock it to me.
> ...

Of course there is a secret Socket society! But it's easy to join:
Our required readings are:

Open Socket command
Close Socket command
Accept command

If these don't help you, then you need to ask either on the use list or 
in chatrev :)

socket society member


official ChatRev page:

Chat with other RunRev developers:
go stack URL ""

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