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Ken Ray kray at
Sun Dec 11 00:16:40 EST 2005

On 12/10/05 11:03 PM, "Thomas McGrath III" <3mcgrath at> wrote:

> Ken,
> It didn't used to do this??? What version did Rev start Re-inserting
> after a delete?

Every version AFAIK... drag a button to a card, open the script (see the
mouseUP handler), select it all, hit enter twice to apply and close the
script, then reopen it - voila: another mouseup handler! (of course this is
just the template... see below)

On 12/10/05 10:10 PM, "J. Landman Gay" <jacque at> wrote:

> I figure you know this, but I'll mention it for the benefit of the
> newcomers, since someone asked why the mouseUp handler doesn't block the
> message.

Which actually provides another minor confusion - open a script - see a
handler, but it doesn't block the message.
> The empty mouseUp handler is a "fake" script, and it doesn't really
> exist. It is just a template that's displayed every time the editor
> opens when there isn't any other script in there. (Not all objects
> display the template script, but those that commonly use a "mouseup"
> handler do.)

Well a while ago (Rev 2.2?) it actually saved the script template that was
inserted if you opened a script and just hit enter to dismiss the script; I
guess I didn't realize this had been fixed.

It's just a bit unnerving to remove something and have it come back, even if
you *know* it really isn't there... I vote for the preference that keeps
this stuff out if we want it out.

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