Works on Mac OS X, Why Not on Win XP? II

Rob Cozens rcozens at
Sat Dec 10 20:38:19 EST 2005

Hi All,

I've found another anomalie which is either OSX/Win or RR v2.1.2 /v2.6.1:

The following (cut from a larger handler & modified to focus on the 
issue} works fine on OS X: RR v2.1.2

on mouseUp
   put "select a db" into answerPrompt
   switch the platform
   case "MacOS"
     answer file answerPrompt of type "sdb0"
     play audioClip ""
   case "Win32"
     answer file answerPrompt with filter "Serendipity 
Database--Binary" & return & "*.sdb"
     play audioClip ""
     answer file answerPrompt with filter "*.sdb"
     play audioClip ""
   end switch
   if it is empty then return false
   else put it into sdbFileName
   set the sdbFile of this stack to sdbFileName
   answer "there is file"&&sdbfilename&&(there is a file 
sdbfilename)  -- last word in answer is "true"
   answer "there is stack"&&sdbfilename&&(there is a stack 
sdbfilename) -- last word in answer is "true"
   get the sdbEditPassword of stack sdbFileName
   put "i got the password"
end mouseUp

On Windows XP, RR v2.6.1, "(there is a stack sdbfilename)" resolves 
to "false", and the next statement returns a "can't find stack" error.


Rob Cozens, CCW
Serendipity Software Company

Vive R Revolution! 

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