Why did HyperCard wither away? [was: Re: Why is Konfabulator 'Pretty?']

Mathewson richmond at mail.maclaunch.com
Sat Dec 10 15:38:42 EST 2005

This reminds me of Srila Bhagavan Goswami Gurudeva - Woops,
letting too much out about my murky past - strike that.

When a 'church'/movement/revolution goes rotten it is
normally because its founder members have become
disillusioned and left because they feel that the original
vision has been lost. [Thinking about that Garga Muni dasa
might be more apposite].

Now, I've said this before - possibly in a more facetious
fashion - the 'Guru' (Atkinson) is 'Out There' in the cold
(I remember he has some slightly sad website of landscape
photographs) - the way to get the 'church' (and this post
could spawn endless messages about whether we should view
SuperCard as the Protestants, MetaCard as the Orthodox, and
RR as the Catholics / Hypercard as Sunni, SC as Ibadi, RR
as Shi'ia / HC as Vedantists, SC as Ramanujaite Vaisnavas,
RR as Caitanyaite Vaisnavas - Oh, Cripes) back on the
doctrinal path (well, at least in touch with the original
vision) might be to open a channel of communication with
Bill Atkinson - the man deserves it, dammit, he started all

HyperCard withered because the founder had become
cheesed-off / had been cast aside. Seen this a thousand
times - and the historical parallels are there for all but
the really turpitudinous to see.

sincerely, Richmond
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