Can I do "show through" graphic regions...

Roger Guay irog at
Sat Dec 10 14:35:42 EST 2005


I was looking at the card script of your wonderful abacus stack, and  
wondered how the mouseUp gets passed to the card since each abacus  
element has an empty moueUp handler in it???

Thanks, Roger

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>> Scott Rossi wrote:
>> Hi Andy:
>> How can anyone resist a GUI challenge?...
>> OK, I'm not sure if I did what you're asking, but I took a stab at  
>> this, and
>> spent way to much time figuring out the math (this was a good  
>> exercise for
>> me in efficient scripting).  I think it works as an abacus should  
>> but the
>> "abacus experts" out there should take a look to verify.
>> Execute the following in your message box (not a browser):
>>  go url ""
> I'd give my soul to be able to make these graphics.
> Jim

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