Large Recordsets - An unbuffered approach?

Adam friendlygeek at
Thu Dec 8 09:28:37 CST 2005

Lynch, Jonathan wrote:
> Well...
> If he lacks the ability to perform analysis on the 60-million records on
> the server side, then whatever solution he finds is going to be slow.
> Perhaps he does not need a list of record IDs, just a range? A starting
> and ending value could be enough.
> Parallel processing can be accomplished with Rev, but it is complicated.
> Basically the program needs to either spawn or activate a standalone
> that will do all the analysis, and the standalone would either
> communicate with the primary program via ports, or via the creation of a
> result file. If he is going to have analysis running for a long period
> of time, this sort of approach would be useful.

Previously the results of my analysis had been output to a file 
containing the record ID's.

But I am curious, how could activate another application to do the 
processing externally?  Using Rev as a front-end basically.


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