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Ruslan Zasukhin sunshine at public.kherson.ua
Wed Dec 7 16:23:12 EST 2005

On 12/7/05 11:16 PM, "Joel Guillod" <joel.guillod at net2000.ch> wrote:

> I would like to hear about advices how to address this problem in
> Revolution:
> Postulates:
> - data of my system is based on a number of sets of xml documents;
> - a set is a repository of xml documents;
> - there is a registry of the sets which references the address of
> each set;
> - to avoid complicated installation on the machines where sets reside
> (i.e. not Java/python/php based).
> Wanted functions:
> - Revolution applications can access (read/write/update) xml
> documents throught the network;
> - To be able to synchronize each set (in order to have mirrors sets
> of the xml documents);
> - To index each xml document for fast query (xpath, xquery and
> xupdate in Rev 3, a dream? No a must, definitely!).
> I am currently using eXist an Open Source Native XML Database (http://
> exist-db.org/) but I need to have multiple sets of xml documents
> somewhere on the net and to be able to synchronize those sets.
> I will be grateful to read any serious clue from developers actually
> knowing the topic.


Actually all this in quite modern issues which are under active development.
Xquery itself do not have yet release of standard.

Yes eXist is interesting. MS SQL 2005 have great XML support.
We plan add similar things into Valentina db.

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