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Wed Dec 7 15:48:49 EST 2005

Hi Ton,

> Marty,
> When I started using Revolution, this was quite a mystery to me as  
> well, but it works sooooo easy...
> Create a tabbed button with for instance 3 tabs in it: "My First  
> Tab", "Tab Number Two" and "The Last Tab"
> The script of this button (or at least, the way I do it):
> ON menuPick vNew
>     put the text of me into vTabs
>     REPEAT with a = 1 to the num of lines of vTabs
>         try
>             hide grp (line a of vTabs)
>         END try
>     try
>         show grp vNew
>     END try
> END menuPick
> To make different objects show when you click on a tab, just create  
> a group of these objects and name them the same as the tabs
> Maybe there are better ways, but this one helps me out every time :-)

especially for the tabbed button control you can use a special syntax  
in the menupick handler:

on menupick old_menuitem, new_menuitem
    show grp new_menuitem
    hide grp old_menuitem
end menupick

Check the docs for "menupick"

With "Tabbed buttons" it will accept 2 params!
The first is the now selected menuitem, the second the previously  
active menuitem!

Cool, isn't it?!!! ;-)

> Good luck & happy coding!
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