How to Disable the Preference and About Box Items

David Burgun dburgun at
Wed Dec 7 06:21:33 CST 2005

>Hi Dave,
>Le 6 déc. 05 à 20:23, David Burgun a écrit :
>>That way 96% of computer users wouldn't be affected, except that 
>>they could code without having to test for MacOS X. At the moment, 
>>you cannot disable the Edit or Help Menu's as a whole unless you 
>>test for MacOS X first
>In my experience and to be frank, cross-platform stacks or 
>standalones must be tested on each platform (there always some 
>difference*) and standalones  built on the platform they are made 

I totally agree, but the fewer times you have to say if platform = 
"xxxxxx" in *any* language, the better, and this is a way of reducing 
the number of "if's" by one!

It would also have the added benefit of fixing a bug in Rev! Two 
birds with one stone! Can't be Bad!

>* For instance, pop-up menus respond to mouseDown on MAcOS and 
>mouseUp on other platforms.
>** This avoids to have a conversion IsoToMac or MacToIso of all 
>scripts at opening without speaking of the conversion on-the-fly of 
>some custom properties and external files.

All the Best

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