Why is Konfabulator "Pretty?"

Bill Marriott wjm at wjm.org
Tue Dec 6 15:59:22 EST 2005

Yes, Tom, thanks for asking about this.

A K. distribution is very simple:

- a .widget file, which is exactly a .zip file,


- a folder of resources (images, sounds)
- a .kon file, which is an XML file encapsulating attributes for the objects 
and JavaScript.

If you have K. installed just "unzip" the AnalogClock.widget file or, run 
the Widget_Converter widget and drop the AnalogClock.widget file on top of 

In the case of the clock, you have 16 PNG files representing the clock 
elements, plus an /mp3 file for the chime.

These are referenced in the .kon file like this:

<image src="Resources/AnalogClock/Background.png">

<image src="Resources/AnalogClock/Minute.png">

Pretty much straight XML.

The code is also embedded in XML.

<timer name="timeTicker" interval="1" ticking="true">

The images do truly rotate, as evidenced in this code snippet:

secondHand.rotation = secondHandShadow.rotation = ((theSeconds)*6);
minuteHand.rotation = minuteHandShadow.rotation = 

...which moves both the Hand and its Shadow at once, one line for the 
seconds, one line for the minutes.

The hands rotate precisely, like a real clock would.


"Thomas McGrath III" <3mcgrath at adelphia.net> 
wrote in message news:7149380D-452C-4A0E-9030-CF82F713D26D at adelphia.net...
> Bill,
> Do you know for certain that K does images in this way? I mean we  know 
> about this problem in Rev and I haven't used K to build widgets,  But I do 
> like the look and feel of them. When you build in K do the  images truly 
> rotate? or do they do something to them to look like  they rotate?
> I am very interested in this thread and the possibilities in Rev. I  would 
> be willing to work on a solution here.
> Tom McGrath
> On Dec 6, 2005, at 1:00 PM, Bill Marriott wrote:
>> - The rotate command will obliterate the image, bring the computer  to a
>> standstill, and consume vast amounts of memory.
>> - Setting the angle of an image will result in extreme jaggies at
>> non-orthogonal angles.
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