Why isn't Rev more popular?

Hershel Fisch hershrev at realtorsgroup.us
Tue Dec 6 14:42:43 CST 2005

On 12/5/05 10:16 PM, "Robert Brenstein" <rjb at robelko.com> wrote:

>> Personally I don't think Revolution is suitable for such
>> applications and no one here has actually provided unassailable evidence
>> that Revolution has been used for such.
>> Jerry
> Do you really believe it or are you just saying it to heat up the discussion?
> Discussion of suitability in such general terms is totally pointless.
> If you have something very specific in mind, lay out the specs and
> people will tell you whether it is possible and what the bottlenecks
> will be.
> Revolution is no less and no more suitable for business applications
> than CodeWarrior
> or RealBasic
First RealBasic has many more data base capabilities, PRINTING.........
Table grids.
>. Each has its strong and weak points,
> applications where it shines and no-no areas. If Rev can't do what
> you want or can't do as well as you want it, just find another
> development environment.
> For an example of a commercial product, visit www.fourthworld.com.
> Their flagship product is made in Revolution. www.gypsyware.com has
> several shareware games made with Revolution. There are more.
> However, I venture to say that a bulk of commercial development are
> custom or vertical applications developed for specific clients.
> Robert
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