Why isn't Rev more popular?

Hershel Fisch hershrev at realtorsgroup.us
Tue Dec 6 15:52:47 EST 2005

On 12/5/05 11:06 PM, "Sarah Reichelt" <sarah.reichelt at gmail.com> wrote:

> Wow! What an amazing set of conclusions for anyone to reach!
> I've searched the mailing list archives for your name and haven't
> found any previous posts from you, but I guess you must have been
> lurking for several years in order to feel competent to make such
> sweeping statements.
>>         Criticism of Revolution generally apparently is generally
>> disapproved of here. I've seen a number of valid criticisms dismissed in the
>> same way as yours have been.
> I think you will find that valid criticisms ARE well received, with
> the keyword being "valid". Most of us here want Rev to keep improving
> so it is in our interests to locate bugs and have them logged in
> bugzilla so they can be fixed.

E.g. Bug number 670 opened on sep,03 status assigned....... And ? Ok lets
say it takes some time but as of current, thanks to Altuit for the grid
which without it your stuck.
Bug number 1619 opened on may ,04 status unconfirmed ..... And ?
> However as you will have seen many, many times on this list, most
> times when someone complains about a problem, it is in fact an error
> on their part. At other times, it is a limitation of Revolution and
> those of us who have some experience in the area will always try to
> provide a workaround. The final case is where there is a genuine bug
> with no workaround, in which case a bugzilla entry is always
> encouraged. If you read the responses to Herschel's emails, you will
> find that this is what has happened.

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