Why isn't Rev more popular?

Robert Brenstein rjb at robelko.com
Mon Dec 5 22:16:49 EST 2005

>	Personally I don't think Revolution is suitable for such
>applications and no one here has actually provided unassailable evidence
>that Revolution has been used for such.

Do you really believe it or are you just saying it to heat up the discussion?

Discussion of suitability in such general terms is totally pointless. 
If you have something very specific in mind, lay out the specs and 
people will tell you whether it is possible and what the bottlenecks 
will be.

Revolution is no less and no more suitable for business applications 
than CodeWarrior or RealBasic. Each has its strong and weak points, 
applications where it shines and no-no areas. If Rev can't do what 
you want or can't do as well as you want it, just find another 
development environment.

For an example of a commercial product, visit www.fourthworld.com. 
Their flagship product is made in Revolution. www.gypsyware.com has 
several shareware games made with Revolution. There are more. 
However, I venture to say that a bulk of commercial development are 
custom or vertical applications developed for specific clients.


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