Changing the Layer/Resizing Controls

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Tue Dec 6 09:33:20 EST 2005

Hi Dave

i see your troubles!

use-revolution-bounces at wrote on 06/12/2005 15:20:09:

> Hi,
> Is it just me or is it incredibly hard to change the layer order of a 
> Group or Control in the lastest version of RunRev? The previous 
> version was pretty hard but latest version is just terrible.

no, it's the way to approach it that is wrong IMOHO...

> So, maybe I am doing something wrong:
> If I have a control that is outside of all groups on the card, what 
> is the recommended way in the IDE to change the layer so that the 
> control is inside a group?

cut the object, and using the right click (control click on macs), select 
teh group where you want to insert the group and use "paste objects in 

Actually, i used to do that but noticed that if i wanted my control to be 
lower in the layers of the group, it is easier to:
cut the object, edit the group, paste the object and send it to the 

> I have tried setting the relayerGroupedControls property to true in 
> the message box, but even if I do this, the control will not move via 
> the Layer Up/Down buttons in the Property Inspector.  Sometimes I can 
> get it to move once, e.g.  down one layer (from the last item in the 
> card to the last item in the last group of the card), but after this 
> it just refuses to move anymore!

To put an object in a group, and assuming the object is in a higher
layer than the group you want to move it to

set the layer of thisobject to the layer of thisgroup+1

The group is layer x, any object inside it is x+... < next layer
out of the group...

> Is there a secret to using the "lockLoc" setting in the Size & 
> Position pane of the property inspector, epecially when applied to 
> Groups?

no secret but lots of tricks...

> I have also noticed that when I change the relayerGroupedControls 
> property and then close a Property Inspector window, I get a message 
> saying something like "Do you wish to save the changes to 
> RevPallette.rev?". I am really not sure what to do when this happens, 
> so I just "Cancel", is this correct?

Clunky palette, say no... cancel. 

> Also, is there a secret to using the Property Inspector Size and 
> Position pane effectively?

non-locked Groups will resize to their top-bottom-left and right most 
to fit them in. If you move an object (selectedgroup mode off - meaning 
select objects inside of groups) it may or may not resize the group...

Set first the controls inside teh group to their position, then lock the 

If the controls in the group are going to change place, dont lock the 
but you might have to resize it manually eventually at some point. Mileage 

> Any tips on this greatly appreciated.

Hope that helps :)

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