Changing the Layer/Resizing Controls

David Burgun dburgun at
Tue Dec 6 09:20:09 EST 2005


Is it just me or is it incredibly hard to change the layer order of a 
Group or Control in the lastest version of RunRev? The previous 
version was pretty hard but latest version is just terrible.

So, maybe I am doing something wrong:

If I have a control that is outside of all groups on the card, what 
is the recommended way in the IDE to change the layer so that the 
control is inside a group?

I have tried setting the relayerGroupedControls property to true in 
the message box, but even if I do this, the control will not move via 
the Layer Up/Down buttons in the Property Inspector.  Sometimes I can 
get it to move once, e.g.  down one layer (from the last item in the 
card to the last item in the last group of the card), but after this 
it just refuses to move anymore!

Is there a secret to using the "lockLoc" setting in the Size & 
Position pane of the property inspector, epecially when applied to 

I have also noticed that when I change the relayerGroupedControls 
property and then close a Property Inspector window, I get a message 
saying something like "Do you wish to save the changes to 
RevPallette.rev?". I am really not sure what to do when this happens, 
so I just "Cancel", is this correct?

Also, is there a secret to using the Property Inspector Size and 
Position pane effectively?

If you have a large complicated group, it's the devils own job to get 
everything positioned and sized correctly. For instance, I set the 
top,left of the group to (say) 10,10, I then set the size (from 
200,200) to 300,200, why does the Left position move? At the very 
least there should be an option to lock either the top or the bottom 
coordinates so that when the size is changed, the position doesn't!

As another example, I have a group containing a number of controls. I 
have a control located near the top/center of the group, if I have 
the "lockloc" of the group set to false, the top of the Group moves 
down, if I have "lockloc" set to true, then if I increase the height 
of a control towards the bottom of the group, then it gets truncated 
to the bottom of the group (as well as the top/left shifting!).

I find myself adjusting loads of different things just to make one 
control inside a group bigger, so I find myself dreading doing a 
simple task just because the IDE makes it into a nightmare!

Any tips on this greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot
All the Best

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