Into the flamefest

Jerry Muelver jerry at
Tue Dec 6 06:01:51 EST 2005

For me, the most interesting aspect of typical flame wars is the persistent 
demonstration of logical fallicies offered by participants on all sides. provides a 
useful summary.

In the heat of the flame, personalities lose their multidimensional quality 
and collapse down to their core structure, well-illustrated at

>From a purely logical standpoint, all programming tools and languages have 
their identifying strengths and shortcomings. The first job of the 
programmer is to understand the problem. Selecting the tool is the second 
job. If a chosen tool is unsuitable to the task at hand, cast it aside and 
try another.

It is a poor carpenter who blames his tools for the quality of his work, or 
who faults the work of others solely for the tools they use.

---- Jerry Muelver 

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