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Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Sun Dec 4 23:43:59 EST 2005

According to the dictionary:
ReplaceText function
Searches for a regular expression and replaces the portions that match the
regular expression.

The replaceText function is not as fast as the Replace command, but is more
flexible because you can search for any text that matches a regular
Replace command:
Replaces text in a container with other text.
Jim Ault
Las Vegas

On 12/4/05 8:21 PM, "Bill Marriott" <wjm at> wrote:

> Stupid question: How does rev know to process that as a regex as opposed to
> the literal " +"?
> "Jim Ault" <JimAultWins at> wrote in
> message news:BFB8FBD4.316E8%JimAultWins at
>> Another approach is to use :
>> put replaceText(fld storyline," +"," ") into fld storyline
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