Visual Programming, mTropolis, Chipwits and Revolution

Ryno Swart swartart at
Sun Dec 4 14:03:28 EST 2005

> Did anybody like AxelEdge from Mindavenue?
> Greg Smith

I like it, Greg. I downloaded AxelEdge two days ago, looked at it this 
morning for about an hour and then had to go out. When I got back my 
son (11) had done a whole character, animated it and set it to music. 
He likes computers, but really just playing games. Axel pulled him in 
and led him on. He never ever referred to the tutorial or help files.

You will have to download the Axel Player. Jean made a bit of 
interactivity, click on the Dogbat to get music (you may have to click 
more than once).

It is no Sistine Chapel, but how easily it motivated a youngster! This 
is the kind of interface I can relate to. An interface has to be 
attractive and inviting. Sexy, if you will. My field being fine art, 
including design, I would be most willing to get involved with any 
project looking at a Rev makeover. In fact, if anybody wants some 
artistic input for their project, I would be only too happy to help.


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