Why is Konfabulator "Pretty?"

Bill Marriott wjm at wjm.org
Sun Dec 4 13:44:26 EST 2005

I'll definitely look into the archives for the clock solutions.

However, the JavaScript file to run the Konfabulator clock is in fact only 
9,280 bytes.

Further, any code comparisons between this and the Revolution 
implementations should consider equal feature comparisons:

1) Customizable tint for rim and background images
2) Nice, realistically animated, "bouncy" second hand
3) Date display that can be turned on/off
4) Attractive custom images used for all elements (hands, face, rim, etc.)
5) Preferences interface for colorization, chime interval, window level, 
6) Variable Opacity through to the desktop

It wouldn't be fair to compare the leanest possible Revolution clock to the 
fanciest possible clock widget, would it?


"Richard Gaskin" <ambassador at fourthworld.com> wrote 
in message news:43932E99.3050805 at fourthworld.com...
> Stephen Barncard wrote:
>>> I believe for certain that a widget like the Konfabulator clock could be
>>> done with Rev, but I don't have the faintest idea of how to begin, and 
>>> it
>>> seems like it would be a big project. (I'm going to start on it right 
>>> now!)
>>> However, Konfabulator seems to make this pretty easy for a casual 
>>> author.
>> Bill - it's been done. You should search the list about two months 
>> back -- there was a long active thread about creating a clock in Rev in 
>> minimum code and processor load. Several on this list were competing for 
>> the cleanest, smartest code. It got down to less than 10 lines I think.
> Meanwhile the Dashboard implementation of Clock is driven by 28k of 
> JavaScript, in addition to the HMTL and CSS to present it.
> 10 lines vs 28k -- not sure the Konfab paradigm is easier for developers 
> after all.....
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