Visual Programming, mTropolis, Chipwits and Revolution

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Sun Dec 4 11:18:25 EST 2005

on Sat, 3 Dec 2005 
Janus Jakaterina wrote:

> I think PC users can play a virtual game of ChipWits
> at

This link does not work! :-(

But you could always play ChipWits
inside an Apple II emulator! ;-)

See some screenshots:

ChipWits has been discussed before 
in this mail list:


> RobotProg: program a virtual robot with a flowchart

Very nice, indeed. This program is a winner
in the education category for RealBasic apps.

You could run Robot Odyssey, Rocky Boats,
Oregon Trail and hundreds of educational games
in AppleWin, an Apple II emulator.

There are some ftp servers (like asimov)
full of apps and games for this platform.

These games, with their almost abstract graphics,
are really eye and mind opening. Running them,
you remember what really contributes to
an engaging interactive learning experience
using the computer. It's not only about the 
jawdropping graphics, like all game console makers 
and many movie makers want us to believe...

Actually, i believe that for young minds,
these first games with almost abstract graphics 
are most useful for their cognitive development
in many areas.

Ah, and they always require that you 
read the instructions! :D


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