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Friday, December 2, 2005, 11:22:17 AM, you wrote:

> So, in short, for the users, I would argue that a web interface
> is better. Gmane is the pioneer in doing this. Nabble wants to do
> better by being faster, cleaner, and providing a better search so
> that a user can search first before they post.

Thanks for the background info.

Well, Nabble's search facility is pretty dismal at present. Better,
now that I've looked at the search tips, but still a very geeky
interface. The proximity search is a nice touch, as is the soundex
mechanism. I've only become aware of Nabble since Scott's posting, but
the presentation looks good to me.


However, one thing about Nabble worries me. If I read the FAQ
correctly, people will be able to register an ID with Nabble and be
able to post to the list (this list) without having to contact runrev
to subscribe to the list. The Nabble interface itself acts as a
go-between to authorize anyone to post to the list as long as they've
registered a user ID with you.

This seems to me, if it's not a violation of the terms of service of
the list, at least a Very Bad Idea.


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