Editing Styled Text in RunRev

Lynch, Jonathan bnz2 at cdc.gov
Fri Dec 2 12:10:20 EST 2005

Aw, Thanks Bob!

I'll share my stuff with anyone.

It is still in development though - lots of functions that would need to
be created to make it a worthy editor. I am actually creating it for an
idea I have for creating customized fairy tails with real kids as the
stars -  where the kids act out their parts in front of a chroma-key
wall, and then I can print out and bind the book for them right there on
the spot.

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Jonathan sent me this stack and I've just had a quick look. It  
definitely works. Thanks so much Jonathan!

I had thought of a similar approach, but where each paragraph was in  
its own field, but only a thought exercise. The approach Jonathan has  
taken is like a frame based document system, and the text flows  
through it. This would be particularly useful when RunRev is the  
delivery mechanism as well as the authoring system. You'd get a very  
nice publishing-like feel to it. Pretty snappy too.

It would be worth pestering Jonathan to make this more widely  
available :-)


On Dec 2, 2005, at 9:33 AM, Lynch, Jonathan wrote:

> You can set up a series of fields, in which the text scrolls  
> through the
> fields as though it were one field. You can set the size of each field
> to be any size you want, so that you can effectively indent a  
> paragraph,
> wrap around pictures quite perfectly, etc...
> I send you the stack I created that does this, if you would like to  
> see
> it.

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