How do you stop the number of a card appearing?

Jason - Polydiam Industries Limited jason at
Fri Dec 2 05:23:55 CST 2005

Thanks Eric for your quick response.

I have a problem with the left and right keys still functioning moving from
one card to another.

I went to preferences -> general and unticked 'Arrow Keys navigate through

So when using the program in revolution, the arrow keys don't work (which is

But when I save it to a stand alone, the arrow keys still function, and I
don't want it to.

Is there a work around for this?

Thanks again


>Hi Jason,

>The number of a card appears when you have not specified a title for  
>the stack (under Name in the general tab of the stack property  

>Le 2 déc. 05 à 12:05, Jason - Polydiam Industries Limited a écrit :

>> How do you stop the number of a card appearing on the top bar when  
>> you save
>> to a standalone?

>Best Regards from Paris,

>Eric Chatonet.

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