Revolution is not Tablet PC compliant

Martin Baxter mb.ur at
Thu Dec 1 16:50:52 EST 2005

Rob Cozens wrote:
> I write (in script) "One two three" in the Writing Pad after giving 
> focus to a field,
> and I get: "O"&numToChar(0)&"n"&numToChar(0)&"e"&numToChar(0)&" 
> "&numToChar(0)&"t"&numToChar(0)&..." in the field.
> This happens in both the Development System and standalones.
> I suspect the problem is tied to RunRev's need to process keyboard input 
> character-by-character while Windows XP TPC Edition sends a string of 
> characters from the Writing Pad (& presumably the Speech Tools) to Rev 
> or a standalone at one time.
> RunRev is the _only_ application I have run on my TPC that doesn't get 
> the text correctly from the Writing Pad.


I have no experience of tablet PC but could it be that the Writing Pad 
is outputting double-byte characters and they are being directed to an 
RR field that is expecting single-byte characters? Just a thought.

Martin Baxter

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