Why isn't Rev more popular?

Jerry Daniels jerry at daniels-mara.com
Thu Dec 1 14:13:39 CST 2005


Regarding the Rev IDE:

Some of us are moving ahead with significant supplements to the Rev  
IDE with the full support of Runtime Revolution.

Check us out:



Jerry Daniels
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On Dec 1, 2005, at 11:47 AM, Bob Warren wrote:

> On 11/30/05, Mark Swindell <mdswindell at charter.net> wrote:
> >>
> >> What is the main reason (if there is such a thing) that Rev is not
> >> more popular among professional developers/programmers?  It's been
> >> around awhile now.  People have had a chance to hear about it.  It
> >> has garnered some awards, at least on the Mac side.  On the face of
> >> things you'd think it would  be more popular.
> >>
> >> Just curious to hear what people think.
> >> Mark
> When I first saw the above question, I got all welled up with  
> emotion, and a thousand ideas invaded my mind. I nearly decided  
> that I would prefer to pay attention to my programming tasks, but I  
> found the question impossible to ignor.
> Someone on the List put it fairly succinctly the other day:
> RR is potentially a wonderful programming system, so why do they  
> insist on spoiling it all the time?
> But it's a simple question which deserves a simple answer. Here's  
> mine:
> The Transcript programming language is great, but
> Although I can think of many justifications for this view, I won't  
> bore anyone by listing them here at this time.
> The IDE is RR's shop window, and if it continues to be so  
> incredibly AMATEUR, it will never pull in significant numbers of  
> clients. In my view, this is NOT primarily a question of PR as some  
> would have it, but a question of PRODUCT HYGIENE. How can anyone  
> hope to sell a marvellous programming system with an IDE as flawed  
> and unsupportive as that?
> Now that I have been suitably provocative, I will retire back into  
> the wings and get on with my programming - if you will let me.
> Best regards,
> Bob
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