OT: text editors? (was Re: click-words)

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at sosmartsoftware.com
Wed Apr 27 03:02:26 CDT 2005

Hi Nicolas and Stephen,

Non breaking spaces are a solution for linking multiple words items, 
but in my mind, it is an unnecessary workaround.
Rev provides all you need in this case without wrecking your text:
Take advantage of Rev hypertext abilities by setting the style of  
multiple words items to link but without showing the link style 
(underlineLinks stack property = false).
With link text, the returned values by mouseText, mouseChunk, 
clickChunk, etc. functions specify the ENTIRE TEXT group: this very 
handy feature is often forgotten ;-)
More, see the linkText property which allows to store any string 
related to any chunk of text (including carriage returns if needed).
For instance, it can be the name of a message that you will execute 
with the "do" command, a complete revGoUrl statement, a multi-lines 
prompt, a translation, etc. Note that link text properties are not lost 
when you copy/paste the text: amazing!
You can get and set this property by script but not via the property 
palette: so it's not well-known and, it's true, not entirely 
In addition, you can trigger the linkClicked message whose single 
parameter is the contents of the linkText property (or the "raw" 
clicked text when this property was not defined).

As for non-standard characters, Nicolas, you might be interesested by 
my ASCII Picker you can download from my web site:
It does not indicate any keys combinations (they depend on too many 
factors) but allows you to copy/paste any character and search by ASCII 
value or "real" char.
Best regards,

PS. What OT means?

Le 27 avr. 05, à 00:52, Nicolas Cueto a écrit :

> Speaking of "non-breaking spaces" and other characters that just ain't 
> on my
> keyboard, does any one have recommendations for Windows text editors 
> that
> allow non-standard characters such as these to be directly inputted 
> and even
> displayable on-screen?
> And I just got to add a note of thanks to Eric and Stephen for raising 
> this
> topic. The "non-breaking space" helps solve a long-time problem, 
> namely, how
> to link multi-word items in a manner that's transparent to the user 
> but not
> to Rev functions such as clickText.


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