ANN: BreakpointNavigator Plugin release

MisterX b.xavier at
Mon Apr 11 14:16:51 CDT 2005

> I considered it a big deal too - but it's been over 7 months 
> since I entered the bug report, and it is still in 
> "Unconfirmed" state, so I guess the folks at RunRev disagree 
> with us. Note I no longer consider it important - I just 
> regard the Player as unusable, and bought a Studio license so 
> I can build standalones.


Same goes for the revGM support!!! From RR, support@ or anyone in the
(you all know Im quite attached to this one >;))

But the constructive (taoist) critique would rather say... 

Why not write your own file browser [or GM]? 

The conclusion is quite clear to me after these past months waiting for an
answer.... It is possible and usually takes less time than waiting from
bugzilla or mailist replys (although rarely)! (ok i do have an experience
advantage but i write these as I'd like to use them naturally or as a
newbie... So I believe it's good for all of us and our customers.

While I like to write fixes for RunRevs debug problems (or GM problems
inclusive,) I've come to realise that writing your own is good for a few
reasons: 1) you can support it yourself, 2) no support delays or
disappointing replys that took more time to write than to query an answer
regarding a bug status! 3) You can support, enhance and maintain it
yourself, 4) you can have 2X, 10X, 100X more features than they will ever
dream of in the time it takes them to fix any little problem! 

So the conclusion is: make life easy for yourself and others... dont forget
to write the bugzilla though! Not everyone will pay for your super-solution
or sponsor your stack-solution to the problem but at least there will be an
answer for the end-user in the near future...

Instead of making a whole solution that is against what exists, try first to
rather make something that extends it and if that is futile or a blocker, do
it yourself! 

This for the TAO of Rev stack design: fix the easy bugs first... If you have
an IDE bug, try to go around it. Pin the bugzilla but plan for the
alternative. There's always a way... When I had a problem with the answer
dialog however, I had to find a different way to display the message and
even just a card can do the trick!

There's more tips like these... For example, small bugs take as much time as
fixing one big bug and most users dont notice the big bug but keep being
pestered by the small bugs... So... But dont forget either to fix the big
bug or it will continue coming back to haunt your popularity as a cool

sorry to bore you with client-support-chemistry theory but you'll see it
sooner or later... it's a fact of development and my humble experience. I
just hope you find the right catalist to tame the technical issues before
they become wild business perception problems...

-- - not just a stack of stacks!

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