Standard in (stdin) behavior. (At your convenience)

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Thu Sep 30 09:11:13 EDT 2004

Okay, I am experiencing a oddity I cannot explaine.  As I have reported on several occasions I have created a external that lanuches a process simular to CreateProcess in Windows.  This external provides stdin and stdout handles to be used by the parent and child for interprocess communication.  Currently I have a "child" stand-alone containing a button and a field.  The button contains a simple mouseUp script 'read from stdin until ':''.   The "parent" (after child creation) calls the external to write a message to the "child" stdin "Hello:".  This should be simple but the "child" constantly returns with nothing when using  the 'read from' syntax.  Why would this be? I have attempting to pipe in text files via command line (program <file.txt) this works.  Do RR and RR compiled programs use a os method that does not support descriptors create using 'pipe'?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated,


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