[OT] Wireless remote events? - resolved

david at anon.nu david at anon.nu
Wed Sep 29 19:44:19 EDT 2004

Richards comments are pretty spot on IMO

Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Some folks like CVS, and while it's great at what it does it's really
> designed for old-school development workflows involving hundreds of tiny
> text files. 

I like CVS for this reason. I can go to another computer do a cvs 
checkout and I get the entire development environment with not just Rev 
stacks but all the html files etc - hundred of them. Also deals with 
other code - php / python.

But the main reason is unlimited undo. I auto-save every few minutes and 
if I screw up I can go back to anywhere in time. If I'd been doing this 
in 1988 with HyperCard this could be quite fun :)

>   With Rev's built-in FTP and HTTP and the clone command it's not hard 
> to automate stack management if needed. 

This is all you need if you are aiming to manage a dozen or so stacks.

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