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> Hi Ken,
> I can´t speak for the Win world, but on a Mac it works like a charm.
> Although I haven´t tested it in 2.5 yet.

>> 3) Do you use onboard video input or a dedicated video input card?
> Users of my shareware app. uGrabIt use it with different setups.
> Videocards, Firewire and iSight, Firewire and Camcorders, USB Webcams.
> It works very stable if the computer is fast enough (600 MHz +)

Well this is for a dedicated turnkey solution, so we'll have whatever
hardware we need (dual processor G5 with the best video card, etc.).
>> 4) If I said the video needed to display at 1067 x 600 resolution, what
>> comments would you have about how the video would play out?
> If you can avoid grabbing at this resolution don´t do it. :-)
>  The external will grab at the specified resolution, but the video will
> be distorted if the hardware is meant for another aspect ratio.

Interesting... I didn't know that.
> Also If
> your videocard allows only 800*600 (for example) maximum resolution, the
> external needs to interpolate the "missing" pixels and your video
> footage will become blurred and or  overlapped with artefacts. You might
> also lose some frames while grabbing. If you need live footage (preview
> mode) it might work, but if you can grab videos on the HD before showing
> it, I guess scaleing a player object is a better approach.

As I mentioned to Troy, this isn't really for capture but just for display
purposes - we want to have an MC app that displays what a camera is
currently pointed to... it doesn't have to capture it to disk, so that might
eliminate some of the overhead.

> Just my 2 cents,

Thanks, Malte!

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