video input?

malte.brill at malte.brill at
Tue Sep 28 16:27:59 EDT 2004

Hi Ken,

I can´t speak for the Win world, but on a Mac it works like a charm.
Although I haven´t tested it in 2.5 yet.

>3) Do you use onboard video input or a dedicated video input card?

Users of my shareware app. uGrabIt use it with different setups.
Videocards, Firewire and iSight, Firewire and Camcorders, USB Webcams.
It works very stable if the computer is fast enough (600 MHz +)

>4) If I said the video needed to display at 1067 x 600 resolution, what
>comments would you have about how the video would play out?

If you can avoid grabbing at this resolution don´t do it. :-)
 The external will grab at the specified resolution, but the video will
be distorted if the hardware is meant for another aspect ratio. Also If
your videocard allows only 800*600 (for example) maximum resolution, the
external needs to interpolate the "missing" pixels and your video
footage will become blurred and or  overlapped with artefacts. You might
also loose some frames while grabbing. If you need live footage (preview
mode) it might work, but if you can grab videos on the HD before showing
it, I guess scaleing a player object is a better approach.

Just my 2 cents,


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