PostgreSQL OID Column on INSERT

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On Tuesday, September 28, 2004, at 03:38 PM, Frank D. Engel, Jr. wrote:

> A while back I stumbled on a prior thread with this same question, but 
> I never did see a resolution to the root question.
> When PostgreSQL performs an INSERT, it returns a unique OID number for 
> the inserted row.  Is there any way to retrieve the OID value returned 
> by the INSERT statement from RevDB?
> In my case, the other values, even in combination, are not guaranteed 
> unique -- except one, which is autogenerated by the database (a SERIAL 
> number), so there is no other way for me to be certain of grabbing the 
> exact record I just inserted, something I need to be able to do.
In order to have a unique u need to create the table like this,
"CREATE TABLE  table1 (  pk SERIAL, fld1 TYPE (???))" , the pk column 
will produce a unique serial number. now if you use
(currval('tableName_fldName_seq')) it will give you your current serial 
number or your connection.

put revDataFromQuery(,,connectionId,"SELECT currval 

revdb_execute(connectionId,"INSERT INTO table1 (or into any table) 
(fk,fld1,fld2,) VALUES (currval 

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